Professional Laptop Repair Now Being Offered in Katy Texas by Local IT Support Firm

Professional Laptop Repair Now Being Offered in Katy Texas by Local IT Support Firm

Laptop Repair Katy

Online PR News – 14-June-2017 – While the mobility that comes with a laptop offers a large amount of utility not found in a regular desktop, it also comes paired with a higher level of fragility that often leads to a greater need for repair. Sometimes it can be a small and easy thing such as a missing ac adapter, but occasionally all that bumping and moving leads to internal damage that can render the laptop beyond repair.

One of the most frequent (and potentially serious) issues that arise with laptops is the case of a dying a hard drive. Most hard drives utilize spinning disks that operate at high RPMs, often spinning at rates between 6000 and 8000 revolutions per minute. If the laptop is moving while the hard drive is operating, the resulting vibrations will damage the internal storage components, leading to bad sectors and a potential loss of data. Replacing the hard drive is a simple process, however many people dont have backups of the data, potentially losing precious family photos or business documents. In dire situations, experienced technicians may be able to recover data, but it can be a difficult and arduous process.

A similarly frequent, but less arduous of a repair is the laptop screen repair. Screen damage can occur through a large variety of methods, from pets knocking objects off tables to headphones being left on the keyboard when the laptop closes. Fortunately, the repair process is a simple one and can be completed within hours as long as the screen is in stock

Power Jack failure is another common occurrence that can render a laptop completely dead. Often mistaken for battery failure, it normally occurs due to physical damage near the charging input. Heavy pressure from sitting at a bad angle or being forcefully pulled out can disconnect a small connecting piece from the motherboard, leaving the laptop completely unable to charge. Resolving the issue can be a difficult process, as the technician has to strip the laptop down to motherboard level to repair the parts involved. However, as long as the part is in stock this repair can often be completed within a few days

Fortunately for laptop users in the Katy-Houston area, a well-regarded computer repair store, Impress Computers, fields a local storefront and a variety of experienced technicians that can take care of all these issues. Over the last 15 years in the Houston area, Impress has garnered hundreds of happy reviews that average out to about a 4.8-star rating. For any individual with a laptop issue, Impress is the place to go.

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7 Examples of eCommerce Brands Rocking Social Media Marketing

Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly self-directed in their buying habits, leveraging the internet to research products as well as make easy purchases without setting foot in a brick and mortar store. In fact, 96% of Americans have made an online purchase in their life, with 80% having made a purchase in the past month alone, according to Bigcommerce.

As a result, eCommerce has exploded, and countless online-only retailers and marketplaces such as Amazon, Wayfair and eBay have emerged to meet consumer demand—as well as give well-established brands a run for their money.

Of course, as digital entities, most eCommerce brands embrace several digital marketing tactics—especially social media marketing—to build their brand, engage with current and prospective customers, provide personalized customer service, and get the sales. And we can all learn a little something from what online-only brands are doing.

From creating a great user experience to personalization, below I highlight several eCommerce brands—both large and niche—that are rocking social media in a variety of awesome ways.

#1 – Etsy

Etsy considers itself more than a marketplace—but rather as a brand on a mission to reimagine commerce to “build a more fulfilling and lasting world.”

When it comes to social media marketing, Etsy has embraced Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter as its go-to platforms for sharing and engaging. Of course, each post includes an image or video, and the text and call to action are tailored to the audience.

But it was the Etsy Success Facebook page—which is dedicated to supporting shop owners—that really caught my eye. On its main Facebook page and other accounts, Etsy is marketing to the end shoppers. With its success page, Etsy is giving special attention to the makers, providing tips to better market their businesses, Q&As with shop owners, and more.

Etsy on Social Media

#2 – Gilt

For those who love high-end fashion, but hate the high-end price tags—Gilt is right up your alley. It’s a members-only shopping destination that gives fashion-lovers first-come-first-serve shopping at up to 70% off retail.

As for its social media marketing strategy, Gilt can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While I’d say Gilt’s Twitter and Facebook pages are pretty run-of-the-mill, its Instagram is so well done.

Gilt on Instagram

Not only is there beautiful imagery and fun fashion tips, anything available for purchase is tagged with #LinkInBio—and that link takes you to a Like2Buy page that allows you to shop by Instagram photo. Not only is this incredibly convenient for their audience—but super smart marketing as I’d wager the investment in this platform is more cost-effective than click-to-shop ads. I’ve seen other marketplaces such as Wayfair use this tactic, too.

Gilt on Social Media

#3 – Love Your Melon

If you’re regular reader of my example-heavy social media blogs, you’re likely familiar with Love Your Melon. Love Your Melon was founded to improve the lives of children battling cancer by providing them with a special hat. With each hat purchased by the public, 50% of the net proceeds are donated to the organization’s nonprofit partners in the fight against childhood cancer.

Love Your Melon’s social media mix includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Across their channels, they’re using several best practices, but it really comes down to telling their story through captivating imagery—helping people see and feel the good being done. (Seriously. Tell me this photo doesn’t give you all the feels.)

Love Your Melon on Social Media

#4 – Airbnb

If you look at the social media accounts for most travel and accommodations sites, you’ll often find an image of a beautiful scene—along with a caption encouraging you to book now. But that’s not how Airbnb plays it. Their social media marketing strategy is all about showcasing the travel experience, often sharing photos and stories from real people who’ve used their service to travel the world. And each channel has a unique angle.

Twitter leans toward business travelers, aiming to show them what their temporary office could look like in a range of cities and engaging them to share.

Airbnb on Social Media

Instagram is more about engagement and storytelling, often asking followers to share their own memories or travel stories.

Airbnb on Instagram

Finally, Facebook encompasses a little bit of everything, as well as some brand-building content.

Airbnb on Facebook

#5 – Newegg

For gamers, tech-enthusiasts or the average online shopper, Newegg aims to be your go-to tech marketplace, featuring more than 10.5 million products.

Newegg’s social media marketing strategy encompasses all the major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Generally speaking, much of the content you’ll see across the channels as of late is focused at gamers. But the one channel that stands out the most is YouTube.

Newegg has been creating and sharing YouTube video content since 2006, and the company boasts nearly 450,000 subscribers and its content has garnered more than 111.5 million views. The content shared there is a mix of exclusive unboxings, overviews, interviews and live event coverage, aiming to keep their followers in the loop on all things tech.

Newegg on YouTube

#6 – HauteLook

Owned by Nordstrom, HauteLook is a free members-only “event” shopping site. Essentially, each day the website curates limited-time, exclusive shopping events that feature prices at up to 75% off retail.

The brand’s social media strategy is pretty straight forward—show their followers the “hottest looks” in fashion right now. As a result, the majority of their posts across their channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube) aim to show their followers the whole look, from sunglasses to shoes.

In addition, one specific thing that stands out is their Pinterest channel, with nearly every board featuring a custom image that adds class and organization to their boards.

#7 – Redbubble

Redbubble is one of my favorite new-finds on social media. Redbubble is an Australia-based marketplace that features the creative and “uncommon” work of more than 400,000 independent artists from around the globe.

Like many others featured here, Redbubble’s social media mix includes all the big channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as Tumblr. And as a brand that’s all about originality, one of the hallmarks of their social media strategy is showing lots of personality in their posts—often with lots of cute humor. Below are a few of my favorite cheeky posts:

The Explainer

The Secret Agenda of Cats

Sir Corgi

What eCommerce brands do you look to for social media inspiration? Tell us in the comments section below.

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How to Take a Break from Your Blog


Do you ever feel like you need to take a break from your blog but you feel like you’ve created a monster that just needs to keep being fed and fear that stepping away from the blog could mark the beginning of the end for it?

If so – you’re not alone.

We all need to take a break from our blogs at one point or another – whether that be to have a break and get away on a vacation, or because there’s something going on in our family that we need to give our attention to, or because we get sick or have some kind of emergency.

It’s important to have these kinds of breaks, but the question bloggers who are building a business face is – what should I do with my blog?

This is a question we’ve had a bit over in our Facebook Group lately so I decided this week to do a Facebook Live teaching session on the topic and came up with 7 options for bloggers who need a break.

Here’s the video. The first five minutes are me greeting those watching but at the 5 minute mark I switch into teaching mode and give my 7 tips with some pros and cons of each option (so you may wish to skip to there) and then I finish up with some Q&A.

To summarise my 7 teaching tips:

  1. Take a complete break – (it gives your readers a break too).
  2. Work harder before you take a break and schedule your content and social.
  3. Run a ‘best of’ retrospective series where you highlight content in your archives.
  4. Use a Guest Blogger or group of bloggers
  5. Blog from the Road
  6. Use some ‘Lighter Posts’ (like polls, discussions, curated embedded content, link posts)
  7. Do a combination of the above

If you’d like a little further reading or some examples:

What do you do to take a break from blogging? Is it one of the above tips or something else? I’m keen to hear in comments what your approach is.

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Nadova Tours Offers Tips for Travelling in Vietnam

Nadova Tours Offers Tips for Travelling in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country of rice paddies, cyclos, water buffaloes and tasty food.

Online PR News – 13-June-2017 – Vietnam is a beautiful country of rice paddies, cyclos, water buffaloes and tasty food. When people first travel to the country, they know very little about it all but in a couple of days in Vietnam, people will learn quickly. However, there are few things if you know about before packing your bag to travel to Vietnam will make your trip so smooth and trouble-free.

A motorbikes paradise
There are millions of motorbike in Vietnam, some even says If you dont have a motorbike here, you are nobody. So the traffic in Vietnam is extremely dense and complicated. Parking space for motorbikes in Vietnam is at a premium and some pavements have become parking lots. Sometimes this mean that pedestrians have no option but to share the road with traffic. In that case, be on high alert.

Vietnamese can carry almost everything on their motorbikes. If there were a competition for how much things can be carried on a motorbike, I bet Vietnamese would be the first to win. In fact, the one thing that makes Vietnam very unique of all the Southeast Asian countries is that the Vietnamese transport a lot on their motorbikes, from a mountain of caged chickens to dresser bureaus and furniture a whole gamut of things which will make your jaw drop.

Moreover, you will also have to accept the honking in Vietnam. Youll hear a lot of car, truck and motorbike honking in Vietnam. Not kidding at all. That is the habit of Vietnamese drivers. Are you a light sleeper and booked a street view room from your hotel? Think again.

Walk slowly when crossing the street
Traffic in Vietnam is hairy. Its a tangled and endlessly-streamed mess of motorbikes, an occasional man-drawn cart, some cars and trucks and more motorbikes. Crossing the street in Vietnam is scary and a bit dangerous but fun nonetheless. It will take some time before you feel comfortable with it. Remember that motorbikes are trying to anticipate your movements to avoid hitting you, so keep a steady pace. Its also advisable to hold out your arm to let the motorcyclists know that you are actually crossing the street.

Watch your belongings
Violent crime is rare, but like any large city, both have their fair share of pickpockets, be very aware in Hanois Old Quarter and Saigons Pham Ngu Lao. Keep your phone and wallet out of sight, use your bag or camera strap. A loose strap is like a moth to a flame for motorbike thieves. So make sure to put your bag or camera across your chest over your shoulder to make it a less obvious target. There is no need to be overly cautious, simply be aware of your belongings and surroundings.

Dont trust the taxi meter
Ripping off unsuspecting passengers is an art form of dishonest taxi drivers. Not all taxi drivers are dishonest but to be safe, stick with reliable companies such as Hanoi Taxi, Mai Linh and Vinasun. Always remember to take your hotels business card to make your return to the hotel much easier by handing it to your taxi, motorbike taxi (xe om) or cyclo driver. If possible, you can ask someone (receptionist, bellboy, local people) for the idea of how far your hotel is or how much it should cost to avoid trouble of being overcharged.

Take a break in the afternoon
Dont forget Vietnam is a tropical country, it can be very hot and humid sometimes with temperature around 38 40 degree Celsius and above 80% humidity. Break up your sightseeing and go early in the morning and the late afternoon. It can get quite hot visiting the attractions so taking a nice long break in the middle of the day can keep you refreshed for the afternoon activities. However, it gets cold in Hanoi and the North Vietnam. Unlike the South and Center, the North has four seasons with very hot and sticky summers and rather cold and humid winters. If you are heading to the North from November to February, you might want to bring a jumper or a heavy fleece.

Cover up
When visiting temples and pagodas, make sure to pack a shawl or extra shirt to cover your shoulders. Remember that you are visiting a piece of history so show it some respect and cover up those shoulders. If you are unsure before entering an attraction, just follow what the locals do.

Be a sensitive snapper
Most people in Vietnam love having their photo taken and will ask to have one with you, but do ask wisely before you take your photo. There are some places like Ho Chi Minhs Mausoleum or military buildings or some temples or pagodas where taking photos is prohibited.

Remember that negotiating is not rude but expected, even if a fixed price is advertised. Haggle for the best price or risk paying well over the actual price of an item. Try the walking away to get a better price. If that doesnt work, you can always go back to the vendor later. Many things in Vietnam are also handmade, so if you like an item and you can afford it, just buy it! Because you may not see the same thing again.

Eat everything
Vietnamese food is so delicious and you will want to try it all. Go ahead and buy a kilo of that strange looking purple fruit or sit down and eat that bowl of whatever noodle, but be aware of hygiene when you are eating street food. To be cautious, opt for vendors who already have customers.

Food Safety Tips: Always eat from stalls where the food is prepared on the spot and cooked hot. Never eat raw, uncooked meats or cut/peeled fruits. Avoid salads, as you dont know if its been washed with tap water. Pho is a good dish to try at a stall, if its made hot. Always go to stalls that you see many Vietnamese at. Observe how they clean their utensils. For tips on water, remember to drink bottled water only, stay away from tap water even though you are staying in a 5 star hotel.

Finally, remember that you are on holiday
There is so much to do and see, but dont forget to stop every once in a while to pull up a small plastic chair, order a cup of traditional Vietnam caf, and take it all in. While sights and activities hold interest, sometimes you can throw away your guide-book or forget the fixed itinerary, you will learn more about the culture by adjusting to the local pace.

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CMWorld Interview: Ian Cleary Talks Technology & Engaged Online Audiences

Successful marketers aren’t born overnight. It takes grit, determination and hard work to navigate your way from noob to expert.

Additionally, the experiences that you have and the lessons you learn outside of the marketing field can impact how you look at and approach your marketing. A shining example of someone that has built a successful marketing career after working in a vastly different field is none other than RazorSocial Founder, Ian Cleary.

Like many speakers at Content Marketing World, Ian is a delightful mix of marketer and technology expert. I was able to catch up with Ian recently and gain some insights into his past in the software industry, his favorite marketing tools and his taken on building an engaged community.

How do you think your experience in the software industry has guided your career as a marketer?

Yes it certainly has.  I had 15 years working in technical roles in the software industry prior to becoming a marketer and having all that technical knowledge and capability helped a lot because of how technical marketing has become. It took me a while to get comfortable being called a marketer!!!

What inspired you to start your current company, RazorSocial?

I had a failed software startup and I wanted to build an international company but I didn’t have an idea for another piece of software! So I decided to build a blog and then build a business around this. Now I get a chance to do content marketing consultancy and training with a lot of global brands and get to speak at conferences around the world. Who ever thought content could be this powerful!!!

As someone that creates and shares a lot of content about which tools to use (and how to use them) what are a few of your favorite content tools and why?

Here are a few of my favorite tools:

SEMRush – This is a great SEO tool.  I use it quite often for competitor and keyword research and for identifying issues on my site.

Buzzsumo – When I want ideas for creating or promoting content I use this.

Agorapulse – when you create great content you want to distribute it to social channels.  This is my tool of choice for social media management.

Optinmonster – When I get visitors to my content I want to build email subscribers and there’s no better tool than Optinmonster.

What is one secret to building an engaged online community?

You need to deliver what your audience has a hunger for and to get engagement you need to engage. An engaged community is when your audience feels they have a relationship with you and a relationship is built through conversation.

What are the 3 most important things marketers need to do to create a memorable content experience?

  1. Get your audience to take action on what you share
  2. Get your audience to subscribe so you can build on that experience
  3. Provide content relevant to the audience.

What do you see as the biggest content marketing opportunity that many marketers aren’t taking full advantage of?

Doing more outreach. We create all this content and share a lot on social media but we don’t do enough to reach out to build relationships, promote content and generate leads.

In your presentation at Content Marketing World you’ll be sharing insights into how marketers can better utilize content marketing tools to optimize their results. Without giving it all away, what will attendees learn from your session?

The 3 things they will learn and tactics, tools and tips. I always like delivering a practical session where you’ll leave the room with action items to implement.

Which speaker presentations are you looking forward to most at Content Marketing World 2017?

I am looking forward to so many.  Here are a few.

Jay Acunzo, Jay Baer,Andy Crestodina, Andrew Davis, Chris Goward, Ann Handley, Mark Schaefer, Donna Moritz, Pierre-Loic Assayag, Jon Burkhart and Michael Brenner and Deana Goldasich. There are so many great speakers at the event.

Want More?

Thank you for sharing your marketing insights Ian!

If you’d like to learn more from Ian and 11 of his fellow Content Marketing World speakers, check out the second eBook in our series, The In-Flight Guide: Creating a Memorable Content Experience.

For more from our CMWorld flight crew, see our recent interviews with Ann Handley, Adele Revella and Amanda Todorovich.

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CMWorld Interview: Ian Cleary Talks Technology & Engaged Online Audiences |

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Will Nvdia (NVDA) Continue Its Upward Momentum?

This week we are discussing another of Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) Top 50 List companies.  In one of our portfolios, we use this list to find stocks which have displayed a strong upward momentum, and we place spreads which will profit if the upward momentum continues for about six more weeks.  Actually, the stock can even fall a little for the maximum gain to be made on these spreads.


Will Nvdia (NVDA) Continue Its Upward Momentum?

Several articles have recently been published on the positive outlook for NVDA.  Here are two of them – Nvidia: Citigroup Analyst Thinks The Stock Can Go To $300 and BofAML pushes Nvidia to new price target high; shares up 2.7%.

If you agree with these analysts, you might consider making this trade which is a bet that NVDA will continue its upward momentum (or at least not decline very much) over the next six weeks:

Buy To Open NVDA 21Jul17 140 puts (NVDA170717P140)

Sell To Open NVDA 21Jul17 145 puts (NVDA170717P145) for a credit of $2.30 (selling a vertical)

This price was $.02 less than the mid-point of the option spread when NVDA was trading just below $150.  You should be able to get close to this amount unless the stock moves quickly higher. (In my personal account, I sold this spread on Monday for $2.33).

If you use our favorite broker for this trade, tastyworks, your commission on this trade will only be $2 per contract (and there is no commission on closing trades, only the $.10 clearing fee).  Each contract would then yield $228 and your broker would charge a $500 maintenance fee, making your investment $272 ($500 – $228).  If NVDA closes at any price above $145 on July 17, 2017, both options would expire worthless, and your return on the spread would be 83% (586% annualized).

Changes to Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) Top 50 This Week:

IBD Underlying Updates June 12, 2017

IBD Underlying Updates June 12, 2017

We have found that the Investor’s Business Daily Top 50 List has been a reliable source of stocks that are likely to move higher in the short run.  The Terry’s Tips portfolio which places spreads like the above one has gained 76% in the first five months of 2017 in spite of incurring some losses on some of the spreads placed.  Recent additions to the list might be particularly good choices for this strategy, and deletions might be good indicators for exiting a position that you might already have on that stock.

As with all investments, you should only make option trades with money that you can truly afford to lose.

Happy trading,


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The Goal of an Email is to Get a Click

As marketers, we tend to forget that we don’t sell anything in an email. An email’s objective is not to get a purchase; it is to get a click. We should be asking the question, “What would drive the most possible clicks to the page where the purchase can happen?”

In Quick Win Clinic episode (recorded live at MarketingSherpa Summit 2017), Flint McGlaughlin optimizes a fundraising  email for “Touchdowns Against Cancer” to help the nonprofit (and our viewers) increase the odds of getting a click on their emails.

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How to Make Your Facebook Page Visually Appealing to Your Target Demographic

Facebook is closing in on nearly two billion monthly active users!

facebook monthly active users q3 2016 large

There was even an 18% increase from 2016.

If you think about the sheer size and scope of Facebook, it’s mind-boggling.

And when you consider the fact that one in five pageviews in the United States occurs on Facebook, the power of this social media behemoth is undeniable.

So, of course, you want to do everything within your power to connect with the largest possible percentage of your target demographic.

This enables you to build your following, generate more leads and rake in plenty of referral traffic to your website.

Of course, there are numerous variables that ultimately determine your success on Facebook.

But the way I look at it, your first order of business should be to make your Facebook page visually appealing to your target demographic.

It needs to pop.

In this post, I’m going to discuss the fundamentals of designing an eye-appealing Facebook page and cover some specific elements you should include to impress your specific audience.

Start with a customized cover photo

The most important element by far is your cover photo.

It takes up the most amount of real estate and is typically the first thing visitors see.

It needs to be perfect.

I recommend creating a customized cover photo that encapsulates your brand identity and instantly gives people a feel for what you’re all about.

Here’s the cover photo I use for the Quick Sprout Facebook page:


If you notice, it includes the same branding elements as, with the green background.

And in my opinion, this is the number one thing you should strive for.

You want your cover photo to mesh with your existing brand so that visitors can connect the dots.

This is key for strengthening your overall brand identity.

Here’s a screenshot of HubSpot’s Facebook page, meeting this requirement perfectly:


It utilizes their signature orange color and their distinctive logo.

And here’s another thing.

If it makes sense, try to incorporate your unique selling proposition, like I did with the Quick Sprout page.

Ahrefs pulls this off flawlessly with their cover photo:


This is helpful for first-timers, who may not fully understand what product you’re offering.

I suggest staying away from mediocre-looking stock photos because they tend to come across as being inauthentic (and sometimes cheesy).

Fortunately, creating your own customized Facebook cover photo isn’t difficult to do.

If you’ve got even an ounce of “designing chops,” you can use a free tool like Canva to create a professional-looking image.

The last time I checked, cover photos display at 828 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall on computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones.

You’d want to stick with 828 x 315 pixels to ensure your image doesn’t pixelate.

Here’s how to do it on Canva.

First, sign up for Canva:


It only takes a minute.

Once your account is set up, go to “More” from your dashboard.


Then scroll down to the “Social Media and Email Headers” section.

From there, you’ll see “Facebook Cover.”

Click on that.


Now, you can choose from Canva’s pre-made layouts, upload your own to edit or create one completely from scratch.


It’s quite easy.

You don’t even need to have any coding skills.

There’s no excuse to use some crappy stock photo when you can create your own epic Facebook cover photo free.

By the way, here are a few other ideas of the type of content you can feature in your cover photo besides just your brand name:

  • a photo of your main product
  • an event announcement
  • a contest announcement
  • a testimonial
  • icons of companies you’ve worked with

Be creative, and try to stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Rock your profile picture

The next thing most of your visitors’ eyeballs will gravitate to is your profile picture.

Just like your cover photo, this too needs to be professional-looking and fully customized.

Here’s what the Quick Sprout profile picture looks like:


And here’s what I use for my Neil Patel Facebook page:


As you can see, they’re both in line with the branding I use on each site.

They’re also fairly simple.

I recommend you don’t get too busy or cute with your profile picture and keep it fairly sparse.

After all, you don’t have much space to work with.

In terms of ideal dimensions, Facebook suggests going with 170 x 170 for computers.


Again, you can use Canva if you need to create your profile picture from scratch or edit it.

The bottom line is you shouldn’t skimp on either your cover photo or profile picture.

These are the first things your visitors will see.

Not only should they look great, they should also tie in to your brand as well.

Post relevant photos

The first thing you’ll see when you scroll down most business pages is a “Photos” section.



This is another chance to crank up the eye appeal of your Facebook page and make it even sexier.

It’s also another way to reinforce your branding.

Add a handful of high-quality images to populate this section of your Facebook page.

Keep in mind visitors will see only three photos on your timeline, so you don’t need to be over the top in terms of quantity.

In fact, there are only three photos on the Quick Sprout page, and it’s done just fine:


What is important is that they all look great and enhance the overall aesthetic of your Facebook page.

You can then organize them into relevant albums like profile pictures, cover photos, timeline photos, etc.

Just be sure the three images displayed on your timeline are all home runs.

Ideally, they’ll be branded, and you can save the other images for the various albums that visitors can find by clicking on “Photos.”

Consider adding videos

I probably don’t need to tell you how huge video is right now.

In fact, “79% of internet traffic will be video content by 2018.”

growth in video web traffic

Therefore, I’m a big proponent of using video anywhere I can.

One technique I’ve had tremendous success with is incorporating video into my Neil Patel Facebook page.

If you scroll down past the photos section, this is the next thing you’ll see:


Using video accomplishes three important things:

  1. It allows you to quickly explain who you are and what your brand is all about.
  2. You can instantly build rapport with your audience and begin to gain their trust.
  3. It’s an easy way to bring additional exposure to your Facebook page (people can easily “Like” it and share it).

On top of this, it improves the overall aesthetic of your page.

As long as your videos look professional, they can boost the visual appeal considerably.

And I can pretty much guarantee people are going to take you more seriously.

Experiment with video.

More specifically, upload at least three videos to your Facebook page.

If you already have video content on your website or YouTube channel, this is incredibly easy.

Just upload the same content.

In fact, I use videos from the “Neil Knowledge” section of

Otherwise, you can just record a few videos specifically for Facebook.

I’ve found this to be a great way to build trust and generate more leads.

It also helps beef up my Neil Patel Facebook page and makes it more robust.

Pin epic content to the top of your page

There’s one more feature I love.

And that’s the one that allows you to pin a top post to the top of your page to maximize its exposure.

Let’s be honest.

Some posts are better than others.

Although you always strive to maintain quality standards, some content naturally rises to the top.

Maybe it’s an epic, long-form post or an article that received a ridiculous amount of engagement.

Whatever the case may be, pinning it to the top can boost your authority and credibility.

Here’s what you do.

First, make sure the post has a brilliant-looking image.

If it’s only so-so, I suggest changing it to something that looks amazing.

Then, scroll down to the post, click on the arrow in the top right-hand corner and click on “Pin to Top.”

bs pin facebook post

That’s all there is to it.

From now on, this is the first post that visitors will see when they browse through your content.

If you want to switch it for a different post later on, follow the same process.


As humans, we can’t escape our love of visuals.

Visual content is king because “90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.”

visual content stats

When it comes to your brand’s Facebook page, your main area of focus should be aesthetics.

By following these steps, you should be able to instantly grab the attention of visitors so that they explore more of your content.

And when it’s all said and done, this can have an extremely positive impact on your Facebook lead generation and increase your following.

Can you think of any other ways to make your Facebook page more visually appealing?

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Cozy Up With Your New Company: 7 Tips to Transition Into Your New Marketing Role

Think back to your first day of school (that you can remember), and take a moment to relive some of those feelings: excitement, worry, happiness, fear and maybe a little nausea. There were a lot of new faces and some familiar ones which helped ease the initial panic.

Now, fast forward to “adulthood”. You’re starting a new marketing position at a new company, and the “first day of school” feelings are resurfacing. Only this time, there are no familiar faces. It’s mentally and physically exhausting wondering if you’re going to fit in, wanting to make a great impression and also exciting because you have a lot to offer, you’re smart and your new company goals align with your career path.

This is exactly how I felt (almost) when I started my new marketing role at TopRank Marketing. Although, I don’t remember feeling nauseous. The excitement far outweighed the worry, and I was very happy to find a professional work environment that supported my personal goals and emphasized personal growth and company growth in tandem. I knew I could bring a lot to the role of marketing copywriter, and there was a lot of potential for growth and learning.

Even though there was enormous opportunity, being the “new kid” isn’t easy. I was nervous about how the transition was going to go, and knew I had to act quickly to understand the ins and outs of the brand, produce results and assimilate into the new company culture gracefully.

So, how do you successfully transition into your new marketing role and show your value?

To help answer this question, here’s a list of 7 tips that I’ve learned to get you accustomed to your new marketing role. Whether the specialty is in content marketing, digital advertising, social media or influencer marketing, you’re going to want to slip on your Snuggie and discover how to quickly get comfortable in your new company.

#1 – Research

Familiarizing yourself with as many aspects of the company, as quickly as you can, will have a  huge impact on your transition. While any and all research is helpful, try to focus on the following three types of research at the beginning:


  • Company – Understanding the story behind the company, the types of customers it serves and the primary goals and objectives will help you get a better understanding of who you are representing and how your specific job duties fit into the grander scheme of things.  
  • Culture – The environment in which you work in on a daily basis will dictate certain behaviors, processes and actions you will take in your new company. It’s important to identify what’s appropriate, how the team works together and understand where you fit into the mix.
  • Audience – As a professional marketer, you need to understand who the company is targeting. Researching detailed information about your ideal audience from a company perspective will help you provide value in your role.


All of this research should be done in a number of ways: talking to coworkers, reading the company website and seeing what other people are saying about the company, to name a few.

#2 – Become the Brand

Once you get a clear understanding of what your company stands for, how it provides solutions to your customers and day-to-day processes and procedures, you’ve got to immerse yourself in the brand and become an active participant. Share news, exciting updates and spread the word on social media. When you’re not at work, be open to opportunities to advocate for your brand in a respectful and appropriate way.

#3 – Find a Mentor

Making connections with coworkers isn’t easy, especially in the beginning. It takes time to get to know who someone is on a professional level, and weaving in bits of personal information takes skill and emotional intelligence. Remember, you don’t have to be best friends, but you do have to nurture a respectful professional relationship because you’re going to rely on these people to be successful in your role, and vice versa.

Finding a mentor is a great way to get advice and an outsider’s perspective on situations and experiences. This person could be inside or outside of your organization, and depending on which you choose (could be both), the relationship may vary:

Outside Your Company: Bounce ideas off of this person, get advice and sometimes, you’ll just use them as a sounding board. Be open to what they have to say because being removed from the situation allows them to offer you unbiased opinions and advice.

Inside Your Company: Learn, listen, pick their brain, ask questions and don’t forget to thank them. Keep it professional and use this as an opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills.

#4 – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

While it feels safe to just sit back and slowly get acquainted with your new surroundings, team members and job duties, one way to quickly make an impression is by stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking initiative to make connections. If you are in a meeting and have questions, don’t be afraid to ask them, if one of your team members seems really interesting, strike up a conversation be friendly. Putting yourself out there (in a respectful way) will help your team get to know you better, and you’ll produce better work and results together.

#5 – Learn the Ropes

This might go without saying, but to successfully transition into your new marketing role, you must learn quickly. This includes any tools, software, processes and skills that are required. It’s important to take the lead and acquire as much information as you can (and retain it). Seeking out additional training opportunities (internal and external) and learning from your peers are great ways to speed up the process.

Also take this time to learn about yourself. In your new marketing role, think about time management, how you work best and what you can share with your coworkers to maximize productivity.

#6 – Voice Your Ideas

The biggest factor that often times gets in the way of voicing your ideas is the fear of the unknown: not knowing how others will interpret your ideas, not knowing if what you say will come out the way you intended and not knowing if your idea is “good”.

In any industry, especially marketing, creativity is necessary to thrive. Like any other skill, creativity requires practice. By overcoming your fear, you’ll be able to perform your job duties to the best of your abilities, and be a contributing member of the team. Not every idea is going to be amazing, and that’s okay. Just keep calm and carry on.

#7 – Be Yourself

Last, but definitely not least, be yourself. It’s tempting when you start a new job to hold back a little bit so you don’t embarrass yourself, and you might think it’s easier to “fit in”. But remember, you were hired for a reason and the brand sees the potential in you.

Staying true to yourself will help your co-workers get to know you, the real you. It creates genuine connections which will improve your collaboration and enable you to perform your best at all times.

Using these 7 tips, the transition into your new marketing position should be smooth sailing, however, don’t forget to account for some rough waters at times. It can’t all be sunshine and rainbows. Maybe bring a raincoat instead of a Snuggie. This is a learning experience for everyone involved, and taking initiative and being yourself will get you through even the toughest of times.

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197: A COOL TOOL for Creating Viral Videos for Facebook in 15 Minutes

A Free Tool to Create Videos For Your Facebook Page

This episode is presented by The Success Incubator – a brand new event I’m co-hosting this year for ProBlogger readers and online entrepreneurs. Today I’m announcing 3 great speakers – Pat Flynn, Kim Garst and Andrea Vahl (more details here). Save $50 with the coupon code SUCCESS17.

In today’s episode, I’m going to share with you a free tool that I’ve been using over the past few weeks to create videos for my Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and other social media profiles that is getting crazy amounts of reach.

It’s a tool that enables you to take a blog post that you’ve already written on your blog and to repurpose it into a short video to promote that blog post!

Yep – you heard me. This tool takes a blog post you’ve already written and with a little help from you (just 10-15 or so minutes of work) it will create you a short video that you can then use anywhere you like to drive people to your post.

I’ve been doing these videos for a week or so now and some of them are getting a lot of reach on Facebook. In fact I’m not the only one.

One of our Facebook group members messaged me this morning about a video she created with this tool and on her FB page of just 20,000 followers she has had a video get over 300,000 views in 24 hours!

So if you want to create great short videos for your FB page in just a few minutes – this episode is for you.


And here are some examples of the videos you can create with Lumen5.

Firstly – here’s one from my Digital Photography School Facebook Page.

Here’s one from the ProBlogger Facebook page.

Lastly – here’s another from Vanessa’s facebook page.

Full Transcript Expand to view full transcript Compress to smaller transcript view
 Hi there. It’s Darren from ProBlogger. Before I get into today’s episode, I want to let you know about a brand new event that we’re running this year in Dallas, Texas on the 24th and 25th of October. This is our only US event this year. I’m really excited about what we’re doing. The event is called The Success Incubator. I’m co hosting it with another group of people who’ve been running another amazing event called The Digital Collab. The Success Incubator is for bloggers, online entrepreneurs, anyone who really wants to build a business online. It’s being held on the 24th and 25th of October in Dallas, just before the FinCon conference, which is another great conference, by the way, that I am speaking at this year.

I’m really excited today to announce three of our speakers, our keynote speakers for The Success Incubator. Firstly, there’s Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, who will be a no stranger to most listeners of this podcast. He delivers amazing practical value. He’s built an amazing business. Secondly, there’s Kim Garst, founder of Boom! Social and someone who is just brilliant, particularly when it comes to Live video. That’s what she’ll be focusing her session on as well. And then there’s Andrea Vowell who is one of my favourite speakers. She’s a very funny person but she’s also very experienced in social media and will be speaking about Facebook Advertising. There’s more speakers to be announced in the coming weeks but I’m so excited to have Pat, Kim, and Andrea joining us.

I’m also very excited to offer you as a ProBlogger podcast listener a special little discount code. You can get $50 off Success Incubator over the next week or so if you head over to and use the coupon code, it’s really important that you get this right, SUCCESS17. When you go to, you’ll see there more details of the event and you can get that $50 discount as well. I’ll link to that and have all the details of the discount code as well in today’s show notes.

I really do hope to see you in Dallas this October for our only US event. I’ll be speaking as well and we have a line up of some amazing speakers as well. The other thing I will say about this event is that there’s going to be time on the second day for masterminding and workshopping so lots of interaction. We’re also going to be doing a special thing this year called our Power Sessions which would be short chat practical sessions from some of our attendees as well so there is an opportunity for you to share some of your knowledge if you want to do that too.

Thanks for listening. Again, will get you to the event page and use the coupon code SUCCESS17. Let’s get into today’s show.

My name is Darren Rowse. I’m the blogger behind, a blog, podcast, event, job board, and a series of ebooks, all designed to help you as a blogger to start an amazing blog, to grow your audience, to create content for that blog that’s going to change the  life of your audience, and to build profit around your blog as well. You can learn more about ProBlogger at

In today’s episode, I am going to share with you a free tool that I’ve been using over the last few weeks to create videos for my Facebook page, for my Twitter accounts and other social media profile, and pretty much anywhere on the web. The amazing thing about this tool is that it’s really working well. It’s, particularly in Facebook, giving me amazing amounts of reach. It’s a tool that enables me and you to take a blog post that you’ve already written on your blog and to repurpose that content that you’ve already written into a short video to promote your blog post.

Yup, you heard me. It’s a free tool that takes a blog post you’ve already written and with a little bit of help for you, 10 or 15 minutes of work, it will help to create a short video that you can then use anywhere on the web to drive people to your post. I’m getting reports that these videos are going viral for people. At least, they’re getting a lot more reach than they’re normally getting from a Facebook update.

I’ve been doing these videos for a week or so now on my own accounts. I’m getting big reach. I’m getting hundreds of thousands of visitors. Now, I have a lot of people following me on Facebook but the exciting thing is that I’m hearing from people with smaller Facebook pages that they’re also getting great results as well. One group member from our ProBlogger group messaged me this morning, very excited to let me know that on her Facebook page, which has about 20,000 followers so not small but also not a massive one, she had a video in the last 24 hours get over 300,000 views, just using this little tool.

If you want to create great short videos from your blog post that you’ve already written and put them on your Facebook page, this episode is definitely for you. I’m going to walk you through how you use this tool and who it’s good for as well. Today’s show notes are at where I will have some examples of videos that you can use with this tool. Also, checkout out our Facebook Group,

Video is so hot right now. You’ve heard me talk about it in previous episodes. I think it was back in episode 189. I had an episode where I interviewed Justin Brown on how to use a smartphone to create videos. In that particular episode, we were talking about you being on camera a fair bit. In today’s episode, I want to talk about a tool that’s going to help you create videos. That means you don’t need to be on camera at all.

The type of videos I really want to talk about today are the type of videos that you probably want to share onto social media to promote a blog post that you have already published on your site. It’s almost like a tool that’s going to enable you to repurpose the content you’ve already got on your blog but turn it into a short video to promote that content. That’s what I’ve been doing with this tool over the last few weeks. It’s so easy to use. In fact, I’ve made a few videos this week with the tool that only took me about 15 minutes to make and then when I uploaded them to Facebook, they got really good reach.

The tool that I want to talk about is Lumen5. If you go to, which I’ll link to in the show notes today, this is a web based tool. It can be used on Macs, PCs. You could even use it on your phone although I looked at it last night on my phone and it’s not really responsively designed so it’s going to be tricky to use. It’s going to be quite fiddly but you can probably use it on one of the larger iPads or tablets as well. I personally think it’s much better on a desktop.

At the moment, it’s completely free. I don’t know how they’re going to monetize it in the future. It’s very early days. In fact, it’s kind of almost in a beta test so it’s a little bit buggy but what it can do is really exciting even for a brand new tool. I want to walk you through how I’ve been using it and how others in the Facebook Group have been using it because I shared this on the Facebook Group a week ago now and I’ve had so many messages from listeners in the podcast and members in the Facebook Group saying thank you for sharing it. That’s why I want to share it on the podcast today because I think this is a tool that many bloggers will be able to use.

It’s an entry level tool. It’s not got very powerful features but the features that it has really is going to be really useful to bloggers who want to quickly make a video to promote a blog post. Let me walk you through it. I really think you’ll get a lot from heading over to the show notes today to check out some examples of the videos that it creates. Do that perhaps as you’re listening as well.

Here’s how it works. Firstly, you will need to sign up for an account so that’s really step one. But once you’re logged in, you’re going to find that you’re presented with a dashboard where you can put in a URL of a blog post that you’ve already written. Go to your blog. Look for a list post or a post that is a step by step post. Something that can be broken down into segments because this type of tool is going to enable you to build some little slides or some little modules and it’s best if you’ve already got some structure to a blog post.

What I’ve used this for is to repurpose blog posts that are step by step guides. We did one on Digital Photography School, a post that was a step by step guide to creating what’s called a bokeh background. You don’t need to know what that is but the post itself was five or six steps of how to use aluminium foil to turn into a little photography tool. The blog post itself had features of each step in the process and so this was perfect for this video.

I grabbed that URL from our blog and I plugged it into Lumen5. And then Lumen5 goes to work for a minute. It sort of is a bit of a spinning wheel thing as it looks at that blog post. It actually pulls in the content from your blog post. It’s smart enough to know what’s a content and what’s a sidebar. It just pulls in your content and it all also pulls in any images that you’ve got in your blog post. After a minute or so, I looked at Lumen5 and there was the content, all the text and there were the images that I had in the post. This really cuts down the work.

It actually goes to work for you, pulls in all that content and then you can highlight any text that it’s pulled in and click on it and it will take that text over and create a slide. It’s almost like you’re looking at a PowerPoint presentation for those of you who are familiar with setting up a PowerPoint presentation or using the Keynote on a Mac or if you’re familiar with slides. It will pull that text across into a slide and then you can choose the next slide.

What I do as I look at that bokeh background post that I was looking at, I was looking at the titles. I had five or six subheadings in that post and so I clicked each of the subheadings and within 30 seconds, I had five slides already created for this particular video. Once you are happy with the text that you’ve got into slides, you can preview it and see how long your video is going to take and then you can move on to the next which is adding images to the slides.

Basically, what it allows you to do is to drag an image onto the slide and it will put that image behind the text. What you’re basically doing is creating a series of slides that have text overlays with images. You can get the images in a number of ways. Firstly, you can use the images from your blog post that it has already pulled in for you. You will see any image that is big enough, that’s got high enough resolution, it will automatically pull that in for you. That’s all you may choose to do. You may have some really great images in your blog post already, pull them across, underneath, or the overlays and you’re almost ready to go.

If you don’t have images in your blog post that are suitable, there’s a stock library of images already there for you as well. It has already done some work for you. It’s got some artificial intelligence going on. It’s already got some images that it thinks might be relevant for you. It’s looked at the keywords in your content and if you’ve used the word photography, or mountains, or cupcakes a lot in your article, it will already have images there ready to go. Free images from free image stock library which is amazing. A lot of the images are really good. Some of them aren’t so great. You really do need to scroll in.

If you can’t find an image that it suggested, you can then do a search for image. You can actually do a search for cupcakes or you can do a search for kelby dogs. You can get specific about the type of image that you’re looking for and really dig in. You can find images in those stick libraries and there’s also a few little videos, really short videos that you can put in as well. You can actually have some moving images behind the words as well.

The third option really for images is uploading your own. If you’ve got some other images that you already have on your computer or you find some through a stock photography site that you are a member of, you can use those images as well. As far as I know, you can’t upload videos yet. That would be pretty cool but the amount of images that are already in the stock libraries are a lot there, thousands and thousands of images that you can choose from.

At this point, you have already pulled in the text. You’ve pulled in some images. The last step is selecting some music. It again has a little stock library of royalty free music that you can use. I don’t know how many tunes are in there but there seems to be hundreds of them. You can do searches based on the type of music that you want. If you want a dramatic piece, or if you want a cinematic piece, or if you want a pop, or electronic, or whatever it might be, the different genres, you can do a search through that. You can listen to them and then you can select one that you want.

At this stage, you can preview your video and you can have a look at the images. Some of the images that you’ve got might not be quite high resolution enough so you might want to swap an image out. You can see how long the video goes and you might want to add a slide, you might want to take a slide out, that type of thing. This is I guess that last stage before it’s ready.

The one thing I will say about the images is that the images actually move and you need to go and have a look at the show notes to day to see some final videos that I’ve created but the image is sort of panned across the screen. You actually need quite large images or images with good resolution to make this work. If you have images in your blog post that aren’t big enough, it will actually not let you use those images. I think they need to be 500 pixels high. But even then, I’ve imported some images from my blog post and they weren’t crisp enough and they weren’t quite high enough resolution so I did have to find some large ones as well.

Once you’ve got your slides ready, you’ve got your music in, you’ve got your images in, you’ve got your text in, you can then add a call to action slide at the end. This is where you can add in a  call to share the video so by default I think it shows the logo of your site and again it’s already pulled in the logo of your site for you. You can change that if you want to something else and then it will by default say share this video but you could write anything at that point. Followers on Facebook, you could write buy our ebook. You could write click the link above this video. you could do any call to action at that point.

There is also a stage where you can add some branding. You’re seeing the videos that I created, there’s a little watermark on the videos that has the logo of Digital Photography School or ProBlogger. You can upload the logo that you want to have as a watermark and also a logo for that last slide as well. Once it’s all ready to go, you hit publish and it goes to work at rendering the video. This can take a little while. The shortest that’s happened for me is three or four minutes. Yesterday, it was pretty slow. I noticed that they were having some issues with their rendering on a Facebook Group that I’m a part of. It took I think 20 or 30 minutes but usually, it’s just a few minutes and it will email you when the video is ready.

At that point, you can download it and you can then use it wherever you want. You could upload it to Facebook. That’s where I’ve been using it. You could upload it to Twitter. You could upload it to YouTube. You can upload it anywhere that you can upload videos. For me, I’ve been putting mine mainly on Facebook and Twitter. You may have seen them if you’re in the Facebook Group already. I’ve shown a couple of them there. If you follow us on the Facebook page, you will have seen a couple as well.

Lumen5 is so simple to use. I was amazed. The first video took me about 15, 20 minutes to make. The one I did yesterday took me about 10 minutes. I’m getting faster at doing it. Really, you could spend a lot of time doing it and just tweaking things but it’s very simple to use. Having said that, it doesn’t have a lot of heavy features. You are limited in a few different ways.

You’re limited in terms of the font that it uses. There is only one at this point to choose. You’re limited in terms of the size of that font. You can have it as a larger size which they call a title. You can have a smaller size which they call text. You can also do a quote type font. It puts a box around your text. You can actually have no text on a slide as well. You’re limited in where you can position that particular text. They have nine options. You can have it right at the center. You can have it upper center, lower center, or in one of the corners.

You can change where it sits on your image so if you’ve got an image with a person’s face on the left, you can position it off to the right. It does a bit of a best guess to where to position it for you but you are limited in that. You also have some choices when it comes to the text in terms of color. There’s quite a few choices there but you are limited. You can only use that one font style or size. You can’t change, as far as I can see, the length of time that each slide shows. It seems to take a guess at how long you should be showing that particular slide for in the video. If you’ve got a longer sentence, you will show that slide for longer as far as I can tell. If you’ve only got a couple of words, it will show up for a shorter time.

There are limits in terms of how long you can have each phase although I guess you probably could have two of the same slide in a row to make it a longer stage. You could probably get a little bit creative there but there are limits at this point in what you can do. But it’s so simple to use. If you are someone who wants to use video on Facebook and Facebook at the moment really is elevating video. It gets a lot more reach of video. It gets a lot more reach than it takes to update or a link update or a feature update.

If you know that Facebook wants video and felt like you can’t create video, this could be a really easy way to do it for you. After I did about five videos, so far none of them took me more than 20 minutes to make although there is the rendering time which adds a little bit to that. The videos I’ve been creating have all been about the one to two minute mark. You’ll see the examples in the show notes. They actually recommend you don’t go over one minute because once you go over one minute, you don’t get as much traction on this style of video. I have uploaded these to Facebook and then I’ll leave a link next to the video where people can read the article.

For me, I guess the case that I’m using this for is to take a post and repurpose the basic ideas of a blog post. This is almost like a summary of the blog post and then I have the further reading link. People are viewing the videos. They’re liking the videos. They’re sharing the videos but they’re also clicking on that link and they’re visiting my site. As I said before, videos are getting a lot of reach on Facebook at the moment. It does seem to help you get a little bit more reach for your content.

I think these videos would be ideal for list posts so any post that has 10 points in it or 5 points in it, any kind of post that is a step by step guide, if you do how to posts, and this step by steps, particularly if you’ve got blog posts that have lots of images of the different stages in a process, that would be perfect for this type of post. This would probably be good for quotes. If you had a series of quotes on a particular topic, you can then put some images behind that. Sort of a motivational post, I guess you could use them as well.

You could use it for most types if post but I think particularly any kind of blog post that has structure to it, that has subheading to it will be very easy to repurpose over. A few tips that I would give you in terms of creating these videos with Lumen5, keep your videos to one or two minutes max because you can’t add in your own voice. You can add in longer video like talking head type video. It’s going to be hard to keep people interested in the video for 10 minutes so keep it fairly short particularly if you’re going to use it on Facebook.

Choose your images really carefully. Some of the images I noticed in the library don’t have as good resolution as others. I’m not sure whether that’s the image’s problem or whether there is some issue or bug going on there so you do want to preview the images, how they look in the video before you publish that video. If you want to use your own images, make sure they’re big enough. Make sure they’re more than 500 pixels high. The higher resolution, the better.

Also, do try out adding in some little videos behind the text that you use as well. You’ll notice in the stock library that there are a few videos there. That can bring the video alive a little bit more, have a little bit more movement.

Last thing I’ll say is that this tool isn’t perfect. It’s new as far as I can tell. It’s pretty basic. It’s a little bit buggy at times. There’s been a few days where their service have been a bit slow, particularly the day after I shared it on Facebook to our Facebook Group. I think several thousands of our members must have gone across at the same moment and so their service didn’t really cope with that. But they have been adding server power to it and they’ve been really responsive on customer service as well. They actually have a Facebook Group for users of the tool as well and they’ve been very interactive with me.

I’m going to give them a warning when this podcast goes live as well to up their service. It had been a little bit buggy. As I said, it’s sort of in a beta phase and so they’re still developing it and they seem to be adding new features as well. It’s not perfect but for what it is, it’s pretty amazing. It’s free. All those images are there and it’s relatively easy to use and it automates the process as well. You just put in your URL and it starts creating the video for you. What could be better than that?

They do have a feature in there called smart templates which hasn’t worked yet for me but the idea there that they’re working on is that you can put your blogs RSS feed in and then it sends you the videos. I’ve been really interested to see that working and I hope it does get developed a little bit more because that would be pretty cool if they sent you an email after your blog post went live and say here’s the beginning of your video. That’s pretty cool if they can do that.

Last thing I’ll say is literally 10 minutes before I started recording this, I got a Facebook message from one of our group members who messaged me saying that they created a video using Lumen5 and published on their Facebook page 24 hours ago. Their Facebook page has 20,000 followers so it’s a medium sized Facebook page and the video has already been viewed 300,000 times. She is ecstatic that she gave this a go. To say that is kind of an understatement, she used so many exclamation points in that message, I couldn’t believe it.

It is something that I think if you choose the right blog post to repurpose, and you take your time with it, and make it look as good as you can, this could really help you to get more reach on Facebook and to drive some traffic to your site as well. Give it a go. I put some examples in the show notes of some videos that I’ve created. I’ll embed them from Facebook as well. You can go and have a look at how they’ve gone on Facebook. They have had quite a few views. I haven’t gone quite as viral as that person but they have been really good for me.

The last thing I would say is if you do give it a go, come over to the ProBlogger Facebook Group and share your video. I’d love to see what you used Lumen5 to create. I’ll set up a thread in our Facebook Group, the ProBlogger Community group on Facebook. If you go to, you’ll get forwarded straight to that group. I’ll set up a thread where I’d love you to share your videos. There’s already a thread going when I went to it last time with a few examples but we’ll start a new one where you can check it out.

Again, Lumen5 is the name of the tool. Give it a go. Let us know the results. Let us know how you used the tool. It’s a little bit buggy because we’re all trying to do it at once. Be a bit patient with it. Maybe come back to it again but it’s pretty cool.

The last thing I will say is you can save your videos and then edit them later as well. You can come back in if you want to change a video or if you want to use that same sort of template, I guess you could create a second video as well.

Check it out. Let us know what you think. Check at the show notes, examples as well and over in the group.

Thanks for listening. If you’ve got a cool tool like Lumen5, let us know because I’d like to feature a few more of these kinds of tools as well for bloggers. Thanks for listening today. We’ll chat with you next week.

I really hope you enjoyed today’s show and check out Lumen5. Just a disclosure, I have no affiliation with Lumen5 whatsoever. Don’t get any better for promoting this particular tool. Just want to be really clear on that.

Check out our event Success Incubator. Get that discount code SUCCESS17. Check out the show notes today at Also, check out our Facebook Group,, where you can submit the videos that you create today.

Thanks for listening today, I’ll be back with you as we approach that 200 episode mark with next week’s episode 198. Thanks for listening. Chat with you soon.


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